December 4th 

Bright and early the next morning I already had a follow-up email with attached Welcome Packet from Stacy.  I won’t go into too much detail – the information is copyrighted and telling you everything would ruin the mystery – but I can say it was very thorough at 22 pages.  It consisted of:

  • Coaching Agreement
  • Client Info Form
  • Payment Form
  • Coaching Instructions
  • Identifying Areas for Improvement and Blocks to Success (questionnaire)
  • Client Interview
  • Coaching Prep Sheet

This list makes it look simple, but it wasn’t. She included detailed coaching instructions and personal agreements between us in order to foster good results and keep us on the same page. This included reasonable requests, such as taking responsibility for myself, and approaching my coaching from a loving, honest and vulnerable place.  There was also recommended reading, which is like crack for me. Read? Yes,  please.

And there was this quote. Which really reflects what I’ve been feeling and made me realize I’d chosen the right people to help me.  

The one thing I’ve had such a silly time remembering to do is the update sheet (not its real name) for each visit. I think it took me 3 coaching calls before I didn’t have to be reminded. Oops.

I answered questions on one of those life wheel surveys, rating my satisfaction in such areas as Fun/Recreation and Personal/Spiritual Growth.  I don’t have an image to post, but suffice to say I rated myself well in terms of Fearing Success, but not so well Balancing Home and Work. Then again, we’re not allowed balance of home and work here, as we out-do US working hours and I have about an hour of “me time” at home every work day.

In the end there’s a system to how this coaching thing works.  And when I meet with Stacy we’re clear about how I am, updates on progress, any new projects, what I need from Stacy, and what our next step will be.  All very logical, really.

All of my answers are here.

4 Responses to And So It Begins – The Welcome Packet

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    That quote is so true and so bittersweet. A good lesson in there for all of us.

  2. jmmcdowell says:

    Someone recently posted a quote that strikes me as very similar, and, of course, I can’t remember who said it originally. It’s “Don’t be afraid of dying. Be afraid of not living.” Both are just the kicks I need about my writing. Maybe the universe is sending me a message through your words!

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