December 3

I arrived home, rushing from the bus to make sure I had time to settle in before my Skype consult with Stacy, since it was right after work.  Right on time, my computer starting ringing. We agreed to do voice Skype only, since video is often degraded and my internet quality is sketchy at best.

I don’t really remember much specifically about the call, as it was a very comfortable and at times humorous conversation.  Then again I was on semi-best behavior, since I know my sense of humor is either appreciated or not. harhar. She gave me an overview of how coaching works, a mini process, and asked me questions as well. Since I really want this to work out, I try not to hide my special brand of oddness too much, or we won’t really be on the same page. Okay, I do hold some of it back.

I felt much more informed and comfortable with the process and my choice to contact HallieCrawford after this conversation, but as you’ll see from my notes I spent more time yakking or listening, and not so much time writing:

Have to know yourself.

Know your options.

Build a blueprint overlap

Right decisions will become clear…

Must-have criteria

Micro changes (immediate)

            Negative self talk

Most clients do individual coaching.  Speaking 2-3 times per month. (rather than attending seminars)

Do people/can I create custom jobs? Yes – Over 50% creating something. 

This might not seem like much, but I tend to internalize and visualize information in some situations, reserving strict note-taking for others.  Suffice to say I learned enough to know that this coaching service was exactly in line with what I was looking for in the Google machine a few weeks before (and on/off for years); not a headhunter, but an exploratory and creative process.

At the end of our consult I decided that I had more to gain than lose, so I signed up! I don’t take things like this lightly, and I’m not easy to indoctrinate (or impress) so I felt sure this was the step I wanted needed to take.

After each coaching call Stacy follows up with a thorough email outlining our conversation, attaching anything I might need (in this case a Welcome Packet) and assigning me homework.  I love Welcome Packets, don’t you? I also love homework. Nerd.



5 Responses to Have You Ever Had an Hour Long Free Consult? Me Neither.

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    The thought of such a conversation scares an introvert like me. Nice to see I can experience it vicariously through you.

    • Carrie Rubin says:

      Oops, I hit ‘post comment’ tab too soon. I wanted to add, thanks for sharing the process with us. I hope it continues to go well. 🙂

      • Andrea says:

        Hahaha…the joy of an accidental send. :). I guess I’m more of an ambivert then. I can have an in depth confessional conversation with a complete stranger, so long as its one person and I’m not at some sort of loud stressful party.

        I actually cannot wait until I’ve finished outlining the visits we’ve already had, so then I can relax and just post about what’s going on *now* and where we’re at now. I’m so compulsive I feel like I must make the process clear. There will be homework posts in a day or two and that’s when you’ll see most of what I told her (toned down for the public, but LONG). I figure the only way to join me is the really know what happens. But thankfully once that’s over, I can relax! It’s been stressful going back, reading all my notes an emails and piecing it all together, but anyone reading will get a full picture!

        Thanks Carrie 🙂

  2. jmmcdowell says:

    It’s said that the first step in any journey is the hardest, and it looks like you’ve taken it successfully. That will help when you reach the middle point when we wonder if we can make it all the way. It sounds to me like you’ll make it through fine as long as you stay honest with yourself and your coach. I’m sure you’ll find that better place!

    • Andrea says:

      Thank you! I’ve felt so out of touch not keeping up with anyone’s blogs for so long. How goes the archeology world? 🙂

      I was actually excited to take this step, it’s harder to post it all here not-anonymously. I can tell you, I’m not really halfway, now in February, but what I’ve learned just in 2 months increases exponentially each visit, so it’s really been worth it! Fingers crossed for the end! 🙂

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