Today’s email from Stacy was primarily a review of the homework, with attached SWOT analysis form and skills list for me to narrow down.

  • Mini-changes
  • Brainstorming careers
  • Adding to my large goals list
  • Narrowing down my skills
  • SWOT
  • What (to me) is beautiful in terms of a career value?
  • Have I met with a financial adviser or debt counselor.

Subject: Re: Homework 12.27.12
From: Andrea
Date: Fri, January 04, 2013 6:59 am


(Google Work is making me crazy, can we email….?)

In answer to a couple stand alone questions below:

Beauty is important to me, in terms of a career value…(listen to me restating the question like a grade school fill in the blank test while I try to think of an answer)….because… Maybe it’s not a “because” answer. It’s more of a “how/why” question? It’s hard to explain without mixing in my personal philosophy and/or politics in the mix. I think the world is vastly over-populated and that there is massive amounts of waste and “ugly” floating about. Most of what we buy/use is disposable in one way or another…most never to be morphed back into another product.

I don’t need beauty in terms of how it is here where I work. Here the facade is everything regardless of the product.

I mean beauty in terms of the quality and value of outcomes, and (more importantly) the method in which those outcomes were reached. I mean the beauty of a real plant or cut flowers on my desk, over the dusty stale presence of fake foliage (I’d personally go so far as to demolish all the fake plant -and dollar store- factories and suggest to their employees that they try a gardening job).  I love beautiful things, but I hate piles of stuff. I respect collections, but abhor hoarding.  Beauty… um. I’m a snob. I want to believe that what I’m doing contributes to making the world more beautiful (and sustainable long term), not just ….more.

As to my finances, I have spoken with debt consolidators and such in the past. Having come here I’m FINALLY able to save a little. I FINALLY started paying on my student loan 2 years ago (10 years after graduation). I’m finally paying my back taxes from when I was behind in private practice. Paychecks are unpredictably dated here, but regular-ish, far more regular than private practice.  I’m getting more of a grip on my personal issues with money and have made a few realizations about myself lately that help. Also I’m *this* close to paying off 2 of my debts, a loan and the purchase of the clinic I no longer have.

Make sense? Going back to my homework now. 🙂 Merry 2013!


Stacy’s reply was the moment this blog was created because she asked me if I had one and said she felt like I “needed to be shared with the world in some way.”  How cool is that?!

As for the rest of the homework, in working on the goal sheet that will list all info I decided that it would be easier for me to get all my career ideas down on paper if I used a mindmap instead of trying to list them. So I used my Mindmeister app, and when I was done I forwarded it to Stacy. Thankfully she was willing to work with this, as there was no way to directly merge/integrate it into their copyrighted form.  Here is my draft of the career brainstorming mindmap, with one addition I recently added.

I slowly started adding things to the goal sheet and Stacy helped me considerably with her emailed list of skills to help me come up with mine. I didn’t do the SWOT assessment, I really don’t like them, but eventually I’ll feel willing and I’ll post it then. As soon as I’ve found a way to share my goal sheet and skills/values info without giving too much away, I’ll post!

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