In an effort to broaden my scope of knowledge in the, um…“work” world I am embarking on an um…yeah a uh, fact finding mission (yeah, that’s it a “Fact Finding Mission”) on Sunday.

For three weeks I am hoping to discover through…whatsit?…errr sober focused observation and, um, keen questioning (keen, yes that’s it) whether the “work atmosphere” at all stops towards my ultimate travel destination are in keeping with my personal mission statement, leadership style, values and expectations.

I will be testing the efficiency of the Middle Eastern and Asian airline industry and airport system once I’ve made my initial escape through sitting still for an endless unplanned layover in Doha, waiting at departure gates, and sampling various regional Starbucks brewing methods. I might even buy a magazine. I did want to be a writer and editor, once, so that too is well thought out research, nay?

In Kuala Lumpur where I did plan a layover, I will squirrel suit leap off the Petronas twin towers with Lara Croft meet with a former colleague for a free adjustment, lunch and gossip, a tour of his college/clinic setup, after which I will sprint back into the airport to gauge its connecting flight vs sprinting passenger readiness.

During the final 50 minute flight I will likely be beside myself with glee question my fellow passengers (starting in seat A1 and hopefully all the way down to steerage who we kidding, it is steerage) as to their perceptions and suggestions with regards to each of their careers.  Frankly, I’m hoping for a dominatrix or two or maybe even a spy.

Once I reach my destination I shall gasp while my friends get pummeled take notes studiously at a Muay Thai camp, observe first hand the skill of the local massage therapists, challenge my spear fishing skills gag reflex in a ferry ride and demonstrate my land navigation prowess in order to find my own personal bamboo beach hut in the middle of bloody nowhere.collage_image



While there I shall gorge on refine my palate with masaman or red curry, banana smoothies and coconut water with what is alleged to be the best local food in the country.  I will be able to determine the exact strength of my bladder test my intestinal fortitude, depending on how many spiders I see. (As Shakespeare maybe said “screw my courage to the sticking place”) But this is good training! I must unfortunately judge critically even more massage therapists, improve my kayak oar handling abilities, stress test hammock support struts and maybe even occasionally shower.

From here, after another harrowing ferry crossing in which I shall personally pull the boat behind me with a rope in my teeth, I shall arrive at a resort for a girlfriends wedding along with what will likely be 341 other drunken revelers (I could always become a micro brewer, I imagine, so this research is as imperative as any of the rest).

It’s stressful and I do feel quite put upon, but if I’m to gather all this information a certain amount of reflexology discomfort and inconvenience is to be expected (upload shit eating grin here).

I will be unavailable for 2 to 3 weeks.  Longer if I decide to do this Colonial Jungle Style (which for me is not a stretch).

And so alas, goodbye Saudi Arabia, helloooooooo lover Thailand.

On a far less serious business-like note, I’ve purchased a domain and hosting to move this blog so that I can have more freedom to make the creative changes I want to the theme and setup. I don’t even know if the internet can physically do what I want, but I shall bend it to my will.  I don’t have the first clue what I’m doing but I ALWAYS want more creativeness and to figure out how to produce what I imagine.  I will search high and low for wordpress “Like” and “Follow” plugins (the lack of that in .org is a huge pet peeve of mine), so it will remain as convenient as .com is. If and when it gets moved and linked, I hope you’ll come visit!  – A

Now, off to pack.

Birthday suit, sarong, bikini. oh look, I’m done! Wheeeeeee!

8 Responses to An Unavoidable Foray Into the Next Stage of Career Investigation, and Stuff.

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    Wow! Very exciting! Have a great time. 🙂

  2. Oh have fun!! I KNEW it, Thailand, from the masaman curry. For years I’ve tried to find a good recipe that tastes as good as the masaman curry we had there. Ohhh yummm. And lemongrass tea. Hmm, I also run a .org site for my husband’s business, I can see what like & follow plug-ins we’re using there …

    • Andrea says:

      I cannot wait, so excited. Thanks for checking your site. I think once we’re used to likes/follows it feels wrong not to have them!

      • Where are you going? We’ve been to Bangkok and Chiang Mai a few times, and Ayuthya and Sukhothai to see historical temples/architecture. Haven’t been to the beaches yet. Gotta go there! LOVE LOVE Thailand.

        • Andrea says:

          🙂 first Phuket/Rawai, then Ao Nang and Railay, Krabi. I’m just online now trying to find better accommodation in Krabi because the owner at my current reservation magically increased the daily cost by 33% para email. That’s me, not showing up at all now 🙂

  3. jmmcdowell says:

    Have a great, er, fact-finding mission! I’m not sure the scenery could be more different than between the Middle East and Thailand!

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