Hi Stacy,


I don’t feel like I can make a mission statement yet. I don’t know enough and I would only find myself constantly trying to re-work it or edit it or not happy with it. I feel like the mission statement should go with the career, and until I know what I want the career to be… I’m not ready. I don’t know what I want to be/do yet…. Your example statement outlines my intentions exactly, but towards what?  It feels somewhat like how I feel about retirement speeches, wedding vows and obits. Embarrassed and avoidant.

I know.  What I should do is start writing it, make it a positive thing, and go with that flow rather than saying “I can’t.”     

I feel like I’m trying to avoid math homework.  Am I a difficult case? Or a sluggish impatient one.

About the (10 most important) skills, maybe I’m not honest enough. In terms of many of these things I’m good at them, or rather my father trained me to instinctively be that way (which is external training, not internal being), and I do many of them automatically (not always happily, but don’t necessarily function well amongst people who don’t think as systematically) and maybe I’m experiencing those skills more now since they’re SO lacking here at work….but I don’t necessarily think that’s what I want to do. It makes me into a garbage eating monster if I don’t get my way when doing those tasks. At least..here it does. I feel fulfilled when it works or when I get my way, but when things don’t work out, or I’m not allowed to help, or..I don’t get my way (and things end up chaotic or incorrect)… it just makes me angry and unhappy.  

I’m definitely one of those nutbars who loses her contentment when her expectations aren’t met (in all arenas). So I try not having any, to lessen my disappointment.  Maybe in the right position in the right place those (most importants) you put on my (goal sheet) would be appreciated and I’d have fun with them, and being artsy fartsy could be my free time outlet. Unfortunately it just makes me irritable when I’m in a position where it’s not appreciated and I’m prevented from doing what’s best. Where to find a work atmosphere that nurtures these skill positively instead of turning me into a raging stress monster everyone hates being around?  What a toxic mission statement that would be..

What I WANT to do is something beautiful and creative (and lucrative and low stress…haha).

Or even better, something different every day. One day beauty, one day organization, next day group therapy and the next some writing/blogging.

Good God…. I think I want to be Pinterest.

Deep down I selfishly want to be independently wealthy, housed elegantly, shop lavishly and be adored for it, while simultaneously being philanthropic lady bountiful changing the lives of the poor. We all have our dark sides. I also want to be an assassin. An organized assassin, with a cashmere overcoat and platinum garrote.

I just don’t think I can narrow down my “tops” into only 5, or 10 “most importants” to me because I want to do everything, and I don’t want to exclude a 17th or 24th thing that inspires me. I don’t want something I love or am good at being overlooked or unrealized because it doesn’t fit in the mold my top 10 carves out.  

I think if I wasn’t alone, living alone, few close friends, no man and no close family, I wouldn’t feel like I need to express ALL of who I am at work.  Or what I offer will be lost, noticed by nobody but me. ugh..morose, eh?

Gah! see what I mean about focus?

In answer to the question of “Must have/will not compromise..?”  happiness in where I am and what I’m doing.  Other than that, I don’t think my (goal sheet) is even 40% full. It’s full, physically, with my pet peeves, and some desires. And I’ve learned a lot in the process of all the projects, but nothing is clarifying for me out of the swirly detritus of my rantings yet. Then again, I’d have a hard time adding more to the blueprint right now because I feel like I put a lot on it.

argh..what is my malfunction?!   Thoughts? I need chocolate.



Lots of thoughts here! We should talk more live to be clearer, but here are some ideas to help guide you until then:
Paraphrased advice:
  1. …Very important to visualize the future and imagine what could be.
  2. It’s uncomfortable … but this is exactly what you need – to do something different than you’ve done before.
  3. Stretch past your comfort zone and at least give it a thorough try (no right or wrong and you’ve been doing beautifully)
  4. Or you will only remain the same with the same pattern and results.
  5. The mission statement is not meant to be specific, it’s just the heart of what you feel called to do; to self-actualize and be the best Andrea. If you like, you can have multiple statements to cover more ground. 
  6. Don’t limit the information on your goal sheet. It can be ever expanding and we can continue to build it as you like.
  7. Eventually you must narrow it down, to evaluate your options based on your most important criteria.
  8. Or, you will not be able to make a decision with reasonable confidence.
  9. The top 5 are not written in stone and we’ll talk about them in detail towards finding what is your best fit.
  10. We want to hit the bulls-eye not just leave it open to hitting randomly around it. 
I hope this makes sense. Calm the waves. You have time and the more we turn on new lights in your brain through new experiences and perspectives, the closer we’ll come to your happiness!
Thank you, Stacy… I do definitely swing from depressed to inspired (not pathologically) and motivated/hopeful to  helpless. Almost hourly, here. Bear with me.
Oh, speaking of bear, I’m about 67% through the book you recommended.

5 Responses to Another Mini-Meltdown?!

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    When I think of a mission statement, I think of the goals and values of an organization, so you might be able to keep it relatively nonspecific when drafting one. The trick–I think, anyway–would be to clear your mind of any specific jobs/occupations when you’re drafting it. If not, you may be biased in crafting your mission statement. I say you, but I mean it in general terms, including myself. I’m trying to think how I would go about it if I were in your position. I don’t know if that makes sense or not. I’m more concrete, remember…

    By the way, if you ever decide to be an assassin, please let me know. I’ll be sure not to tick you off. 😉

    • Andrea says:

      Oh silly, assassins don’t choose their own targets. Well…. I would, but you would be safe!

      I love your idea of forcing my brain away from considering specific jobs as I think on mission words! That really helps me, actually! Thank you 🙂

  2. jmmcdowell says:

    I think I would have a hard time doing these exercises, too. I know what I think and what I want in my head, but putting them into spoken or written words isn’t easy. Reading what Stacy said about having to narrow down the responses in time makes sense to me. It’s the doing that I’d find difficult!

    • Andrea says:

      I agree! What I knowingly “forget” is that once I start it all comes together smoothly. I just balk at starting. Once I do, it’s not nearly as terrible as I envisioned.

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