Does it seem like sometimes I write these “Homework” posts but they’re more a recitation of what my homework was/should be without actually showing my completed homework? does to me. Must rectify that, no?

In addition to creating a collage and/or word cloud of key words and ideas, I also want to start creating blog pages of specific jobs we come up with separately or together that seem a good fit, and start documenting the  research process I go through with each.

In this followup email Stacy noted again the bogey man negativity that seems to hound me. Specifically:

  1. “I’m going to narrow down and miss something – there’s so many possibilities to consider”
  2. “I’m going to make the wrong choice”
  3. “People won’t want me or my ideas”

I can say for each that the first one above dissolved a little with my major learning point from this last meeting. The second…well that’s still there. The third was helped a lot by something I already know that was reiterated in the Marie Forleo video on marketing I watched yesterday on the recommendation of my coach. Specifically when Marie says there are millions of people out there who want what I (or you, or anyone) has to offer. People want you, your abilities and your product. Millions of them.  You just have to find them. You’ll see in my gremlins post that this tends to be very different from how I usually think (one of my biggest gremlins).

I’ve been pondering for a week or so the idea of a blog post about this topic of negative self talk or gremlins that get in the way of progress. Mainly because once I write my frustrations down they tend to dissipate but also because having these things “out there” for all to see tends to hold me more accountable for actually dealing with them more fully rather than glossing over them and not dealing strongly with them (as I’ll admit I really have been through this process and in the past). Maybe on the 8th I’ll post that, because there’s something really cool already set for the 7th.

So, I’m off to do some stuff. If we’re lucky you’ll see it posted here on one of the pages soon. Please take the time to peruse through the pages at the top of my blog screen, as I’m constantly adding links, quotes, videos…even a little music.

9 Responses to Homework – Coaching Session #6

  1. jmmcdowell says:

    No. 3 on your list is my biggest bogey man, along with “I’m really not any good at this.” To me, getting past that negativity would be clearing the biggest hurdle in life-changing decisions. Sometimes just admitting that they are problems helps. At others, I’m wondering what I could do to kick them out of my way.

    Looking forward to seeing how you handle them in your upcoming post!

    • Andrea says:

      They’re definitely so hard to deal with. I pooh pooh them as aberrations and/or me being realistic and honest about a concern (which Is true) but they still always crop up as huge obstacles. Life is strange. 🙂 Thanks for all your comments, I really appreciate them.

  2. I’ve told you have much I love the name Stacey, right? Keep on keepin’ on sister….

    • Andrea says:

      That’s because it’s one of the best names. My daughter would have been Anastasia, no question. Husband candidate argues…I cut him. No question. lol

  3. PS…I can totally see you as an Amish Pop Star. Just like Niki Minaj.

  4. Carrie Rubin says:

    Hmm, if Stacy gets a chance, maybe she can help me find those million people who want my book… 😉

    • Andrea says:
      for some reason this link takes me to a video on my desktop but a different page on iPhone. Try it and see if the marketing video is there….? Unfortunately for people like you/me she DOES give a diff perspective on marketing but it doesn’t make me want (overcome) my aversion to the landslide of self promotion she thinks will come naturally if you change that perspective. I don’t want or have the psychological energy to maintain a big public presence. It’s a quandary

      Thanks for commenting, I really appreciate all of your presence 🙂

      • Carrie Rubin says:

        “psychological energy to maintain a big public presence”—Perfect description! In fact, I’m planning a blog post along those lines.

        I didn’t get a video from the link, but I got a website. Thanks!

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