February 21st

I just had a brainstorm while prepping yesterdays post! Maybe this is along the lines of Stacy’s suggestion to read up on Branding Coaches?

  1. I am good at finding flaws…
  2. and good at brainstorming multiple solutions.
  3. I also have a history of taking jobs that attend to my short term needs…
  4. or are based on what’s bugging me at that time about the world or my place of work.
  5. I don’t want to pick a career just because it’s a current interest/burden at work…
  6. but I keep coming up with job and business and website ideas to try to “solve my problem” so to speak.
  7. I don’t necessarily know how to implement many of my ideas, inventions etc…
  8. nor do I particularly want to do some of the work involved in the businesses I’ve thought of…
  9. but I’m really excited about the idea of the business…
  10. and would love to see them in operation and helping people,
  11. just not necessarily with me working there.
  12. I’ve met a lot of people who are dumbfounded by most of my ideas…
  13. or helplessly say they wish they were creative or could think of creative ideas, but can’t/don’t.

“Hey!” (brain says) Instead of creating solutions to my problems where I’m the business owner, why couldn’t I work as someone who uses my tendencies/skills/interests/talents above to evaluate other peoples lives/businesses/ problems and give them a dozen ideas for solutions, processes, changes, new businesses, websites or inventions to solve their problem since they cannot see a creative solution for themselves.  Not as a coach, but as an “ideas person” of sorts.  I don’t have to personally implement the fix, per se, I get to figure out what the fix could be so others have more choices to pursue.


It would also quite neatly and successfully do away with the unhappiness, high personal stress and frustration inflicted on me when A) I cannot implement an idea I have for myself (usually due to expense) or B) I am not allowed to institute change even when it’s desperately needed (here where I work – constantly and everywhere). I would be blessed with getting to be creative and ponder solutions, offer and initiate change, and be paid specifically to do so, without it being my problem stress to start with or my expenselong drawn out work… job to complete.


Stacy had essentially outlined something like this career for me in our session but it took me re-reading it twice before it crystallized from a “job idea” I was typing about,  into a real thing that I could do with what I already have, and have done, every day forever.

Oh My God. So that’s how this process works!

Thanks, Stacy.  🙂  More, please.

4 Responses to Mini-Revelation

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    I think that sounds like a perfect fit for you. An outside evaluator or consultant for various organizations could be right up your alley. Cool to see you work through this process. I feel like a lucky voyeur. 🙂

    • Andrea says:

      Aww thanks Carrie. It does sound like me. I really enjoyed the *click* lightbulb feeling of putting it together like that and seeing the possibility differently. I have ideas like this often, but I’m rarely sitting typing at my computer when it happens, so I was fortunate to get it down before it flitted away with the next distraction. haha.

  2. jmmcdowell says:

    It does sound like a good fit. I hope you’ll be able to turn the idea into a tangible plan and concrete career!

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