I found this clipping on my desktop just now. It’s from Psychology Today, one of my favorite magazines.  It reminds me of a graduation video I watched recently where the speaker, a comedian and a former speech writer for the President said something similar. I’ll try to post the link. He said (paraphrased) “..do you remember when you were in grade school and the place seemed so huge, and you look back at it later and it seems so small?  That’s how you will feel about your (career/job) later in life.”

This really struck me as true for many people, I think, not just me.  We choose, sometimes wisely, sometimes not, and often it takes years….decades, to realize we took the wrong path.

Psych Today Clip

But then… I’m doodlebopping along minding my own business and up pops this image (below) on my facebook feed. Now, I do believe in signs and following what the universe tries to tell and show me. So how confusing is it, for a girl who likes nay needs to fix and improve things, but who knows she’s in the wrong profession, to come across an image like this that screams “you’re already in a profession for fixers!”

Actually, it’s not all that confusing. Motivational posters are a dime a dozen and can be worded and worked around any philosophy.  I allowed myself a few minutes to lean in to the idea of it and indulged in a nano-second of questioning whether I’m making the right decision in changing careers, but I then I realized I was being influenced by a poster on facebook and I snapped the heck out of it. duh. 🙂

Article clip -Psychology Today    Poster -Dr Keith Wassung.

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