I posted these few words below about a week ago, before realizing that news articles I shared on Scoopit were showing up in the wordpress.com reader, but MY posts weren’t anymore.  The WP gurus have “migrated my subscribers”, tech talk for something I don’t totally follow, over to this self hosted site, so I’m reposting my last..um..post thingy..to see if it now shows up in the reader.  Hello…? Anybody see this? 🙂


All the pseudo stress of the frustration involved with making this website I totally wanted to learn how to make has paid off and it’s live! Eeeep! It’s so pretty. (apparently it was live only in my imagination…)

Wait, don’t get me wrong, it’s not finished by a long shot. I can’t even figure out how to color it without the entire page ending up fuschia, but still it’s mine and it’s actually there!  (Actually, I’m subsequently fixed that part, wow this post is SO outdated!)  Thank you Kathy at OvalEye (and Frugalista for telling me about them).

And look, I can make fancy font, which might mean nothing to you but is desperately exciting to me. Scoff not. 

Eeep, excited!  (Still excited) 

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