It’s been ages and ages since I’ve posted anything meaningful.  So neglectful.  I sincerely apologize if there’s anybody out there in the does-anybody-ever-really-actually-read-my-blogosphere who has missed me.

Echo…. Bahaha… But seriously, I’ve missed you.

Worst of all, I’ve been neglectful of my amazing Creative Career Coach, Stacy, especially since she’s featured me on her website and posted a link to this blog {which wheels fell off around 9 (ermahgerd, NINE?!) months ago}.  Oy… so sorry coach!

Even though I haven’t done any formal coaching in almost the same amount of time, this process really never stops.  Even though I’m gainfully (ish) employed in a new position, it’s not one that in any way allows this process to stop.  Even after I’ve eventually found a position that inspires the ever loving joy out of me,  really this process should never stop.  One of the most important things I learned during coaching was that there’s no point in any career where one can’t sit down with ipad and stylus and brainstorm new aspects of their abilities and new inspirations for the future that can be turned in to new paths in life.

I’ve been pondering for a couple weeks now that I need to get back in the swing of posting, wondering what I should post, been getting incrementally more excited about my prospects and plans, and with that more motivated to come back to this format and kick it into a new gear.  So…here’s a bit about where I’ve been, what I’ve been up to and what my plans are.  Some of it is admittedly underwhelming and, coaching-wise – underperforming – and some of it goes counter to every bit of great advice Stacy has given me (which is, frankly, very in keeping with my tendencies re:taking advice) but I’m optimistic and feel good about my decisions, if not entirely about what I got out of the past 9 months.

I left my soul crushing job here in October (cue the hallelujah chorus – best mental health move ev-er) with 2.5 new job offers.  Don’t cheer for me too much, they’re essentially the same job I’m trying to transition out of.  After sitting in my apartment for 3 weeks waiting for final pay I left for Bahrain to visit friends (drink, eat bacon and shop) and then fly home to have a blissfully relaxed 2.5 to 3 months sabbatical in my sisters basement guest room in Portland.

My intention, and I got to live it out for all of 6 weeks, was to attend regular yoga and pilates classes, write in hipster coffee shops where I could ogle (un-abaya’d) attractive men (with no fear of irrational reprisals a la Saudi Arabia) and suck up as much of nature and as much nephew and sibling time as I could, before coming back.  My intention was to have no stress, plenty of exercise and be HAPPY consistently for 3 months.  But every situation has it’s stressors.

I had my between jobs gap planned down to the dollar and week, but due to international (timing) and then domestic (aka family) money transferring issues, there were much bigger paperwork and visa delays.  By the time I arrived at my new job I’d lost out on over 35k in pay from when I could have started if my plan had gone through.  It caused some struggles now catching up on bills, but has been manageable.  The worst aspect was being nominally free but continuing the trend of not having control over my own money, which was an ongoing issue at my last job and one of the reasons I left.  Lesson: I will NEVER allow anybody else one-sided control over my cash again.

I planned for my last month of free time to do an unpaid observation/internship in a home decor or boutique retail setting and a design firm.

How could we have known it would take not 3 months, but half a year for me to be employed again?

Thankfully I’ve been dead broke before, or the shock of literally not having $1.50 for a cappuccino in a coffee shop for MOST of my weeks there would have done me in.  I made up for all the down time by reading, writing, cooking and avoiding conflict (it’s family, after all).  Motivationally though, being broke (or, in my case, not being able to access my own money) always crushes me a little, and I never did those internships.  Eventually I did apply for at least 4 jobs hoping against hope that I’d find something miraculous in Portland and not have to leave, but the job market really does seem to be a tough place there.  I received no inkling of a reply. In the end I resorted to donating plasma for a little cash so I could leave the house to not just wander aimlessly.  By the time I received the balance of my work settlement, it was month 6, week 4 – the day before flying.

So…started a new job, in a new hospital, again in Saudi Arabia.   It’s different from the last place for a few key reasons which are really adding up to a much happier experience for me.  Tomorrow I’ll post what those aspect are, and also share what I have planned for the future of my career change journey.

Here’s a few pics from Portland…  (45 minutes later…) nope, never mind.  If/when iPhoto and I are speaking again, I’ll try to sync and share some pics.  😉  Cheers – Andrea


3 Responses to The Neglectful Blogger Blogs Again…

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    Wow, you’ve had some major changes. Is your new job still in Saudi Arabia or are you working in the states again? Regardless, glad you found something that better suits you.

    • andrea1 says:

      Carrie Rubin! How are you? I follow you on Facebook, but have been a very lame follower/fan. Things going well? Thanks for the read and comment. It HAS been eventful. I have pictures of 3 full seasons to share from my “short” break between jobs. hahaha. Yes, I’m back in Saudi and in another hospital an hour away from the last one. So far so good, but whether it’s semi to fully permanent is TBD. What’s up with you? I should go read shouldn’t I? I’ll do that!

      • Carrie Rubin says:

        Not much to read on my blog right now. I’m kind of on a summer break. My second novel is out with an agent (finger’s crossed but never too hopeful), and I’m almost done the first draft of my third book. That’s about it for me. Nice to touch base with you, and I do appreciate your Facebook ‘likes’!

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