Learning how to use my about.me page… Much thanks to mumulala, one of the artists on fiverr.com for the drawing representation of my dream of the path to the perfect career for me. It integrates the picture in my imagination of the usually path to success, versus mine, from the artists perspective.  Pretty cool, for five bucks! The picture is also a link.

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  1. Georgene Moseley says:

    Andrea, Las Vegas Andrea? Remember me? I’ve been thinking an about you for ages. Are you no longer in NM? 🙁

    • andrea1 says:

      Yes, Las Vegas Andrea. I do remember your name, but not the context in which I know you… Sorry, terrible memory. I do know your name though! How are you? I’m working in Saudi Arabia and have been since 2008. Unfortunately I had to move on from practice as it wasn’t financially viable. What’s up with you?

      • Georgene Moseley says:

        Wow! Saudi Arabia! That is amazing girl. I worked with healthxnet and set up your electronic medical billing. I couldn’t be more bummed that you’re not here any longer. I’ve wanted to contact you for years, we never did high tea (trying to work your memory). Never got you out of my mind…

        • andrea1 says:

          That’s right!! Oh my gosh, that’s why I remember your name. How are you? Wow, healthxnet. See, I even need to be reminded of then names of things. It’s subtle PTSD… All I remember is loathsome Medicare – my nemesis. Practice was so stressful. You probably didn’t know it at the time, but we had big problems. I enrolled in Medicare (that took 18 months) and then it took them 36 months to pay me for two+ years of billing. By the time they paid, it was too late. They put me out of business. Well, that and my stubborn refusal to stop trying to spin all the plates when it became clearly pointless. Sadly there are a few people I have rain checked St James Tearoom gossip sesh’s with and it never seems to happen even when I pass through. blah! haha. So are you still with healthxnet? What’s up in your life?

  2. Georgene Moseley says:

    I’m so sorry that you had that experience. Medicare sucks in the worst way, and I’m afraid healthcare in general will get worse. I left Healthxnet in 2006. So much going on in my life.., although I’m sure it’s nothing in comparison to yours. I’d prefer communicating via email if you’re up to it?

  3. Georgene Moseley says:

    You’re a world away now. I want to hear everything! My world here in Albuquerque is very small. I’ve gone thru some changes and heartache, but I’m still standing. I really want to catch up.

  4. Georgene, did you go to RGHS class of 1988? I have been looking for you!

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