I’ve had so many patients over the last dozen years who wear obviously ill fitted bras and generally have the same areas of pain; neck, mid and upper back, arm numbness and headaches.  I’ve been inspired for years to put together a pamphlet or lecture about the topic and finally in December 2012 I just started on it after trying to explain again to another patient how important a well fitted bra is. She inspired me, actually. But instead of a pamphlet it turned in to 4 months of research and a monster powerpoint compared to what I’d intended.  Much of the info came from a research group in the UK, and the resources are listed on the last slide. Also there are two videos which really enhance the presentation but I do not think I should embed them and have no clue how anyway because they were graciously gifted to me by the UK research group and are not mine to share online.  Enjoy. Tell your lady friends 😉

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