November 2012

The beginning of this journey started sometime in mid to late November.  It was another one of those days when I was on a ledge losing my shizz fed up with my situation but also in a healthy place of choosing self knowledge over angrily quitting.

So, off I went to the Google machine. I must have typed in all possilibrarianble combinations of “career coach” and loaded a dozen screens for all the quizzes and surveys I could find, to figure out who I am, blah blah. You see, i know in my gut I’m meant to do something…something… meaningful and far removed from where I am now. I just need help.  I mentioned on my previous blog that most of these surveys tell me I should have been a librarian, ’cause…come on, look at her! I could be that. Oh well, maybe circa 1950, but I’m not so interested in that field now.

Serendipitously, up popped Hallie Crawford’s website.

“Don’t settle for less.”              Okay, I’m listening.

“Free consultation.”                 Score!

I immediately sent an email, and waited to see what would happen.  Within minutes I received an auto reply and not long after, an email from Stacy, including preliminary questions.

LOVE those kinds of tests. I’ll paraphrase:

  1. What’s my goal?
  2. What holds me back?
  3. Is it urgent?
  4. Am I committed?

Typical of me, I think my reply was 146 pages long, but Stacy seemed un-phased (and on my birthday even…shucks). Phew…didn’t scare them off with my essay? That bodes well.

So we scheduled an hour long consultation for December 3rd.

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