Inspired By:InterestQualification/EducationTasks RequiredExperience/SkillsAtmosphereInformational Interview? Unattractive ...?
Industrial Organizational PsychologistMed HighBachelors or Masters (in this field) - Don't have
apply psychology to HR, admin, management, sales and marketing. policy planning, employee testing/selection, training/development, organizational development/analysis, organize work setting to improve worker productivity. (Interest, Yes. Talent, Yes. Experience, minimal to moderate) Varies, + travelContacted The Chicago School about course track. Math. Lots of math.
Design Strategist (junior)Very High varies + total experience - Yescollaborate with client, research, insights, opportunity, strategy, use creative/analytic tools to explore problems, develop/test hypothesis with team, test and retest, ideas for new products, compromise, curious, observant, insightful, define/tackle problems/projects, love to learn about people, passion for design, excitement with small things, useful observations, differentiate between interesting and relevant, communication, interview, presentation skills, good with diverse teams, travel, promote technology, actionable solutions, prioritization, (ALL YES!!! - can you tell I love this one?) Ideal (for me) just by virtue of the work. + TravelRequested 2xneed to investigate work proportion between design/brainstorming and networking/sales. Would my strengths outweigh my weakness. From "You’ve got to want to influence people, make a difference and convince people to believe in you." I'm great at 2 of those...
EducationMed HighEd Degree usually, possibly not in more innovative atmosphereVariesLow pay, probably. Offset by all other benefits, possibly.

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